About Us

Bluebadger productions was launched in 2015, and at the time only created 2D graphics and animations for branding,apps and websites. Over the next years our services expanded to 3D graphics and animations. The 3D industry was very exciting. In 2017 We created 3D characters that were rigged for animation to even have facial expressions as well as 3D environments and modeling 3D products for 3D product visualization and description.

In 2018 Bluebadger also explored 3D modelling for 3D printing and successfully created 3D models for clients for rapid prototyping which were also used to make moulds for resin casting. Today Bluebadger can virtually cater for any graphical needs for electronic or printed media. Bluebadger is focussed on to think out of the box and give creative solutions from technical 3D models to digitally painted cartoons for teeshirts, mugs and other apparel and items.

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